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Mirrors have been an essential part of the home wherever you go around the world. From a long time ago until the present time, mirrored bathrooms are no exception. Since the bathroom is where we clean our bodies and prepare ourselves for the day’s work and even for sleep at night, mirrors have aided many people to see if they have cleaned themselves well or if they are presentable enough to face the world. Mirrored Bathroom Louisville installs different kinds of mirrors in different types of bathrooms with care for the homeowner’s wants and needs. Here are some mirror ideas you can use to make your bathroom a truly fabulous part of the home:


As the name implies, these mirrors have no frames and are attached permanently on the wall. It is most commonly seen in small bathrooms. Most of them are floor-to-ceiling mirrors while some are cut in half. Our team can arrange for the height and width of your frameless mirror according to your preference and if it suits the bathroom. The good of having this kind of mirror is the illusion it can create. It can make it look as though the bathroom is bigger than usual. This happens with a little play of the reflections of corners in the bathroom. Mirrored Bathroom Louisville can do this trick for you!


      Most framed wall mirrors have simple and plain frames while some have grandiose designs. They are mostly hung and not attached on walls unlike its frameless counterpart. Our team usually looks at the planned layout and design of the bathroom before giving suggestions on the frame design of the mirror that would be installed in the bathroom. Looking at most bathroom vanity mirrors, framed mirrors are used with additional details such as frame lights or light reflectors. This gives off the feeling of creativity and beauty in the bathroom where most people fix themselves to appear beautiful.


      Mirrors that are attached to cabinets and are commonly installed above the sink is a popular go-to mirror in old homes. These types of cabinets are mostly used as storage for medicine or important toiletries. Mirrored Bathroom Louisville offers a variety of mirrored cabinets made with different materials. Customized cabinet mirrors can also be ordered by request, may take time to be made but easy to install.

        Mirrored Bathroom Louisville


            Detached mirrors are not so popular in many homes since it usually takes up much space in the bathroom. It is advisable to install a detached mirror in a spacious bathroom to maximize the use of the bathroom space. Detached mirrors give the feeling of elegance and at the same time, convenience. A full-length mirror can show not only the face but the whole body of the user. The advantage of having a detached mirror is its mobility. You can move it anywhere you please in, or even outside, the bathroom.


            Call us to know more about the best mirror to install in your bathroom. Mirrored Bathroom Louisville will be very pleased to hear from you. Tell us your ideas and we will make it happen. Contact us, today!

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