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Bathroom Designs in Louisville

Small Bathroom Design Tips

A small bathroom is perhaps one of the most challenging parts of the house to style and design. 

Issues concerning your bathroom sink and toilet configuration, installation of a shower area, storage cabinets, and others are quite stressful. The bathroom is supposed to be your room for relaxation. After a long day at work, you wish to come home to a bathroom that will help you freshen up and feel refreshed. However, with the limited space for installing newly designed cabinets and vanity, you might need to rack your brain to come up with stylish designs yet functional at the same time. Bathroom Designs in Louisville has made a guideline in designing your small bathroom.

  1. Install a Corner Sink

Placing a sink at the corner of your small-sized bathroom gives more space when opening your bathroom door. A pedestal sink is also used in small bathrooms. However, it still occupies a more prominent space compared to a corner sink. It is also an excellent way to maximize your bathroom corner space.

  1. Use a Shower Curtain Instead

With a shower curtain, you only need to install a shower rod above the shower area. The curtain is opened sideways and can be tied at the corner after use. It also allows the proper circulation of air within your bathroom.

  1. Mounted Vanity

Mounted vanity creates the idea of a more expansive space ideal for the small spaced bathroom. Floating vanity also makes cleaning the bottom easier as dirt usually accumulates in it. It causes stains if not cleaned regularly.

  1. Use of Large-Scale Patterns

You can install designs with large patterns like the wall or the flooring to give an extended view of the narrow bathroom space. 

  1. Mount Towel Racks on the Door

You must keep your bathroom towels dry, and sometimes having a restricted area prevents you from doing it so. You can attach a towel bar or rack at the back of your bathroom door. You can save space, and at the same time, you keep the towel dry and easy to reach.

  1. Install Recessed Cabinets

You can save space by installing a cabinet closeted to the wall. Attaching a mirror cabinet is also a good idea.

  1. Put Bright Light

Bright lights help in making the room look more spacious. A small window is a good way for a natural light to enter the bathroom; however, if the installation of a window is impossible, install brighter lights.

  1. Place Shower or Bathtub on the Farthest Corner

It works well with bathrooms that have a rectangular shape. Placing your bathroom shower or tub in the farthest area gives more space to the toilet and sink area.

  1. Make Dark Wall Glossy

If using a darker color is part of your bathroom interior design, make sure you put a glossy paint to make the area feels light and airy. With glossy wall paint, it helps in reflecting the light, so the room looks more spacious.

  1. Choose Appropriate Decorative Items

Putting decorative items in your bathroom makes your bathroom look more stylish; however, to avoid the feeling of crowding, make sure to limit your decorative items to 2 or 3 pieces only. For wall art, opt for landscape paintings.

How to Brighten Up a Small Bathroom

Lights play a very important task in making your small bathroom look bright and stylish. The absence of windows is a common issue concerning the small bathroom. Dark, monotonous, and small makes your bathroom look unappealing and dull. Check the ways on how to brighten your small bathroom by Bathroom Designs in Louisville.

  • Put some potted plants at the corner of your windowless bathroom. The plant will give life to a monotonous bathroom design.

  • Use light color on your walls and floors for a better light reflection. It will also highlight your other decorative items in the bathroom.

  • Add extra mirrors in your bathroom but do not put the mirror across the vanity mirror instead of creating infinity images.

  • Add lamps and candles. You can install wall-mounted lamps and maybe light some candles to make the room look cozy but with enough brightness.

Small Bathroom Designs in Louisville

Designing a small bathroom is challenging, yet with proper plans, designs, and people to do the task for you, this will become an interesting and inspiring work. Contact Bathroom Design in Louisville for more amazing small bathroom designs. You will surely love these. Call us now!

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