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Bathroom Remodel Ideas Louisville

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Bathroom Remodel Ideas in Louisville

Types of Bathroom Remodels

Remodeling an old bathroom gives the homeowners a breath of fresh air. Transforming the designs and layout of your bathroom means highlighting its functional purpose while providing visual satisfaction. There are many good reasons why remodeling your bathroom is needed. Your plumbing and electrical lines might need an upgrade. It is important that your bathroom becomes cost-effective and sustainable to keep up with the trend. By reinstalling new wall and flooring surfaces, you can do cleaning and maintaining your bathroom more efficient. Whatever reasons they have, remodeling your bathroom is beneficial for you.

If you consider renovating your bathroom, it is suggested that you must identify first what type of bathroom remodel do you need. Do you plan to keep the bathtub but want to omit the shower area? Do you just want to expand your bathroom? There are many factors that you need to think about once you decided to have a bathroom makeover. Check this simple guide for different bathroom remodels.

  1. Cosmetic Bathroom Renovation

The bathroom area is renovated for cosmetic purposes. The remodel only requires simple adjustments like redesigning the vanities, countertops and adjusting the sink. For a simple bathroom makeover, you do not need to make major changes in the existing bathroom floor plan.

  1. Bathroom Addition

This type of renovation usually works well with homeowners who wish to expand their bathroom. This also includes the construction of a new bathroom, which is usually common for guest houses, house expansion projects, with big families, or for more functional purposes.

  1. Change in the Floor Layout and Design

Some homeowners want to maximize the space in their bathroom by adding a new shower area or constructing double sinks. In some cases, the size of the bathroom is largely dependent on the styles, colors, and measurement of the floor tiles.

  1. Remodeling Bathroom Sinks

The renovation work focuses on the upgrading of the sink like the installation of light, cabinets, and also a mirror.

Bathroom Remodel Designs and Ideas

The bathroom is one of the most used areas in the house, may it be on a normal day or when we invite visitors to come over. Remodeling your bathroom is a practical choice. You can choose the design that you think is suitable for your house and your family. There are two possible ways for you to do remodeling. You can either do the renovation project by yourself or hire professional bathroom remodelers. The choice is yours. While you decide the process, here is a list of some amazing bathroom remodel ideas that can help you.

  • White Modern Bathroom

The primary color use in this design is white, which gives a serene atmosphere. By adding some touch of green like a flower pot gives an invigorating feeling when you use ethos bathroom. The area looks more spacious with the usage of clear glass shower panels.

  • Fresh Traditional Bathroom

A traditional bathroom design is a combination of white walls and floors with the usage of the wooden cabinet. The bathroom is then decorated with plants, and the window is half covered by a bamboo roman curtain, which gives the bathroom a farm vibe.

  • Minimal Spa Bathroom

The focal point of the minimal spa is giving the bathroom a more spacious look. The installation of a free-standing tub and classic white marble countertops give this bathroom a spa vibe.

  • Brass Tacks

Brass tacks bathroom is the trend nowadays because it brings a warm and comfortable atmosphere. You can use brass as frames for your mirrors, cabinets, and even bathroom handles.

  • Bohemian Dreamland

White is the dominant color with touches of eclectic and bohemian characters. The combination of a white free-standing tub and a vessel sink gives the bathroom a more relaxed element. The dominant white color highlights the charm of the patterned tiles.

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