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Here are some essential things that you should remember when designing your bathroom layout Louisville


  1. You have to think of your bathroom as having wet and dry zones. Then, locate wet zones out of the path of arid zones because these two are the most crucial aspects in a bathroom renovation. For instance, you do not want your feet to get soggy after coming back from the shower to brush your teeth 10 minutes later.


  1. You have to make sure that you decide whether you will put the toilet in the same room or separately from the rest of the bathroom. This choice is significant because it allows someone to have options and privacy.


  1. You may also want to consider designing dividing walls in the bathroom for the shower walls. This would also give the feeling of sectioning the entire area. The wash basin area or water close may be put away from the rest of the bathroom.


  1. Think about your cabinetry. Where do you exactly want to install them? You should be able to quickly locate your storage, towel hanging and heating, and any other small fixtures such as toilet roll holders, soap holders, shower shelves, etc.


The layout makes a big difference no matter what the size of the space is. And if you have a small bathroom layout, there is always the right design for that! And, if you're tired of your current bathroom, then it may be time for a remodel. 

Here are the most common bathroom layout ideas for you! You may use them as an inspiration and starting point in designing your dream bathroom. 

  1. small bathroom layout: Small full bathroom with a door on longwall

If you estimate at least 36 to 40 square feet of space, this is perfect for you! You have the usual standard-sized small bathroom. For this dimension, place the door directly across from the sink. And, your toilet should be next to the sink. Then, install your shower or tub against the 5' wall.  This would certainly provide space and would not crowd you.

  1. small bathroom layout: Small full bathroom with a door on the short wall

This is appropriate when your door opens a 5' wall. Along your walls, you may install the sink, toilet, and shower in that order. Likewise, you may place the towel rack directly across from the bathroom.

The goal of this design is to move freely and without hitting walls, the door, and your toilet. 

  1. Small but terrible: Small three-quarter bathroom

If your small bathroom is a 7' x 7' foot design, you may transform it into a third-quarter bathroom. And you also need to choose to have just a toilet, sink, and shower in the space to make it look much less cluttered.

This design works very well, despite its small dimension. You may install a corner shower with the sink in the adjacent corner. Or, you may position the toilet and shower side by side. This gives an ample counter space and room for a vanity. 

  1. Small but terrible: Long and narrow three-quarter bath

This design is just the right for you if you wish to have privacy and to have multiple people in the space without feeling crowded.

You may break the whole space up, with the sink separated from the toilet. Then, the shower by a door. Additionally, when you enter this bathroom, a door to the left leads to the toilet. And, beyond that, there is a utility for the walk-in shower. 

  1. Small but terrible: Walk-through shower

You may just want to use the tub-shower combination in your next bathroom renovation. If you have no space but prefer the luxury of a large freestanding tub and a separate shower, you may just put them together. This will undoubtedly polarize the entire bathroom layout. And you may even overcome the obstacle of the fact that it is impossible by adding a full or partial glass partition between the tub and shower.

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