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Why Vinyl Flooring Is The Best Bathroom Flooring

One of the most important aspects of bathroom remodeling is the flooring. Your choice of flooring affects the aesthetic and function of your bathroom. There are plenty of excellent options for your bathroom flooring materials, which include vinyl.

Nowadays, vinyl has become a popular option in bathroom flooring in Louisville. Here are some reasons why it is the best option for replacing your existing bathroom flooring.

Bathroom Flooring Louisville

Easy Installation

Vinyl floors have become more DIY-friendly, thanks to technology. Vinyl comes in planks and tiles, which can be installed without hammers or saw. Some flooring brands offer peel-and-stick vinyl planks; you just remove the protective backing and put them into place. While luxury vinyl tiles and plank, using a click-lock edge linking feature, simply put them into place one after the other.


Vinyl flooring is a great flooring option for bathrooms due to its water-resistant characteristic. It is made with waterproof materials like PVC and has a nonporous surface, making it resist water.

Resist Stains

Printed vinyl tile is an excellent tile for bathroom as it has a transparent top layer that protects your floor from spills and stains; therefore, it is easy to keep it clean and maintain.

Realistic Visuals

Vinyl plank floor can take on various appearances such as wood, marble, stone, and concrete. It is a great alternative option for expensive floorings as it replicates the look at an affordable price.

Little Maintenance

Vinyl floors are relatively easy to take care of. You just need to sweep away dirt and grit and give it a dry mop.

Avoid using agents such as detergents, abrasive scrubs, waxes, solvents, scouring pads, and ammonia because they can damage and dull the surface. There are specific cleaners for the vinyl floor to remove stains.

    Bathroom Flooring Louisville


    Bathroom flooring is more likely to stay wet and cold due to constant water exposure, making vinyl floors an excellent bathroom flooring choice. It offers a soft, cushioned feel that is good for feet and joints. It also keeps the floors warm in winter as it creates an insulating layer.

    Vinyl floors may have several benefits; however, it has some drawback you need to keep in mind.

    Susceptible to Damage

    Vinyl plank floors are durable and softer than hardwood, natural stone, and tile; however, it can be easily damaged by sharp objects like scissors or knives. Even sliding a meta chair on your vinyl flooring can cause a scratch or dent on it.

    Hard to Repair

    If your vinyl flooring gets severe damages like deep scratches or multiple, your options are either replace the floor or remove the affected area and restore it with a patch. However, this patch may have seams and will not blend well with the rest of your floor, and it requires a professional to do it properly.

    Just like any bathroom flooring, the vinyl floor is not perfect. It is water-resistant and comfortable; however, it is challenging to repair. It offers several benefits, but it has some drawbacks.

    If you think the Vinyl floor is the perfect bathroom flooring for you, contact Bathroom Flooring Louisville to discuss your bathroom flooring project. We have the best flooring experts to help and guide you with your project. They can give you tips on how to achieve your ideal bathroom flooring. We also provide quality materials for your bathroom flooring to provide you with excellent service and products.

    As we take pride in our clients’ satisfaction, we guarantee you the bathroom flooring you have always wanted at an affordable price with less hassle. And we make sure that the installation of your bathroom flooring is safe and secure to avoid any damages and injuries.

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